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With a new year upon us, and the holidays over, chances are some of us spent too much money. So, in light of this, I thought I would make  you aware of 2 contests we will be starting shortly. As, you can see from the picture, one of the contests will involve a Buff Monster series 2 3″ blind box figure. The second is a kidrobot hat that depicts a Kozik smorkin’ figure hat that is fitted at 7 3/8. It was never worn, and still has the price tag on it.

So, here are the guidelines for each of the contests that will run for 2 weeks:

For the Kidrobot hat, the contest is simple: spend $50 at our webstore and and be the first to mention in the notes that you would like the hat, and it is all yours.

For the Buff monster figure, the contest is a little more competitive and involves using twitter. The name of the game is to mention our blog in your tweets to your friends( make sure to include us in your tweets @urbanvinyldaily). And at the end of the 2 weeks, the person who has mentioned us the most (and completely annoyed their followers) will win the buff monster. The contest will run from 1/3/11 noon EST-1/15/11 noon EST.

So, if there is a good response, we will continue to hold contests for our followers and readers, since who doesn’t love free stuff.

And as always, the more followers we get and the more support, the more you will see from us giving back to you.



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