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Hot off of the boat from the factory, or at least from the packing/box that they came from are the OMFG figures. As most of you know, October Toys was part of a Kickstarter campaign to produce a set of figures that had been designed by members of the community and forum. What resulted were 5 designs that were produced by popular demand. As one of the incentives, if you donated a certain amount, you could have an exclusive colorway produced for yourself. Several people/stores took advantage of this opportunity to support the cause and get exclusive colorways made. In the above review, we show pictures of the Rotofugi custom colorway along with pictures of the packaging for the black figures.

One interesting thing with the exclusive colorways is that they come in their own “personalized” header card since this one identifies it as being from Rotofugi and identifies all the artists and names of the figures.

This was the back/header card for the black and flesh colored figures from October Toys and pictorially shows the figures and identifies them.

In case you did not get a chance to order any of the special colorway figures, or any of the kickstarter items, let me lay it down for you: you had better find a way to get a set, otherwise you are missing out on something important! The sculpting on these is amazing (of course you have to expect this when a person well-versed in sculpting is at the helm). The sculpting is simply magical. If you look at the slideshow below, you will see what I mean (camera close-ups are not the strong suit of my camera, but hopefully you can tell the detail lines). The socks on the pirate have clean, straight lines, the castle has all bricks well defined, the Stroll has defined hair (and buttocks), the phantom shithouse has wood grain in the figure, and the skull figure has VERY defined features on each and every skull. All of the figures have big enough feet to stand competently on, and all of them do not have (m)any noticeable mold lines, which is a really nice quality control. My only (petty) complaint is the fact that the Stroll figure doesn’t have the horn lines all the way around, but it only halfway around the figure and that the eyeball doesn’t have a pupil. Petty critique but just bothers me a tiny bit.

All I can say is that I can’t wait for series 2.

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