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Cartoon Network is ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary! To celebrate, CN headquarters and their multi-talented team: design department, art directors, talented artists and Murphy Design united to configure a dream list of the who’s who of fine art, animation and illustration. They have assembled a group of 75 World-class artists that will make this year’s Comic-Con San Diego memorable. While the location of the show and other details are kind of fuzzy right now (We can’t even track down an flyer) we suspect that we will be finding out more info soon! While you wait enjoy the confirmed artist list below.

Exhibiting Artists include: Ana BagayanAndy HelmsAnthony FredaBora BaskanBrandon Lively, Brian Smith, Bryan Mon, Bwana SpoonsCalef Brown, Candice House, Catell Ronca Illustration, CD Ryan, Charlie Immer, Chris Mostyn, Collins, Branden, Dan Beard, Dan Thompson, Emile Morel, Eric Lacombe, Escobedo, Jacob, Frank & Becky, Gordon WiebeJack Teagle, Jaime Zacarias, Janssen, Petrika, Jason Wright, Jean de Wet, Jeremyville, JG Quintel, Joanna Foght-Sohn, Joel Nakamura, John Hendrix, Jolby, Jon ToddJonathan BergeronJordin IsipJorge Catoni, Joseph Scarano,Jules JulienKaren BarbourKatherine Brannock, Keith Jones, Kustaa Saksi, Leo Espinosa, Lou BeachLou PatrouMarc BellMark ToddMerijn HosMike Perry, N K (Neko), Niark1, Nick Sheehy, Option-G, P-Jay FidlerPaul Barnes, Peter Thompson, Philippe Lardy (above), Pseven, Raquel Aparicio, Rick Blanco, Rod Hunt Illustration, Roman Klonek, Rui Vitorino dos SantosRyan Bubnis, Stefan Glerum, Tasha KusamaTi KunkitTravis Louie, Trey Wadsworth, Tyson


parts of this post were for on Mark Murphy’s blog

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