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Pepe Hiller and Lunabee have created an awesome hand carved one off collaboration that they aptly titled ‘Woodbees’. The figures were carved by Hiller and then painted by the one and only Lunabee.  There are 10 bees in total – 9 smaller worker bees ( approx 2.5 inches in length) and one large Queen bee (approx 3.5″). The worker bees will be up for $99 each and the Queen for $149.

The release is being split into two with the above 5 worker bees being released this Thursday the 10th May at 7pm London time in the Lunabee STORE and the remaining 4 worker bees and the Queen being released on Thursday the 17th May at the same time and in the same place. But, if you are looking to get one I suggest you act fast because once they are gone there are no more going to be produced.

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