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Released this past week, the most recent edition of the Pobber Toys x MAD Mork. Like the previous editions that possess a back story, this edition, dubbed the “Dr Morkenstein Pajamas edition” is no exception to the rule. The back story goes as follows: “What did it look like when the evil Dr Morkenstein was a kid? The amazing new Pajamas edition explores that, showing the young Dr. Morkenstein in his pajamas.Check him out in his red pajamas with grey stars and stripes and his self-made helmet with the words ‘BEWARE’.Looking so disarmingly charming and ‘innocent’, you might just stop caring that he turned out to be the evil brother.” 

Housed in the standard Mork box that has a negative image of Mork all around the box and is an edition of 150. Standing 6.5″ tall, with mask worn, Mork boasts the ability of having articulation in his neck, arms, and wrists.

Out of the box, Mork came well packed in a form-fitting plastic clam shell. There is even a plastic bag between the head and the helmet to avoid paint transfer between the helmet and face when in transit. Once the helmet is off, the exploration of the detail of the figure can really be explored.

Upon removing the helmet, you can see that the back of the inside of the helmet sports a piece of foam in order to secure the helmet to the head and not have it moving/flopping around, which is rather good foresight in to making the figure last long and display better. With his radioactive skin color, Mork’s red eyes really are accentuated with the color contrast. The same is true with the black “hair” facial features when put against the bright skin colors makes them very distinguishable.

As we move to the detail in the pajamas the pajama zipper is very embellished with the zipper tines being very large compared to the pajamas. Comprised of stars, lightning bolts, and exclamation points, the shapes are vivid and clear and do not suffer from bleeding/fuzzy issues that other figures often face. If the figure is turned around, you see the butt-flap reminiscent of old pajamas or long underwear, with no real discernible defects/bleeding in the butt-flap or hood regions either.

Finally, the helmet itself is able to thankfully stand on its own as well. It comes adorned with Hermes style wings with the “straps” that hold them on fairly well detailed with the bolt and grain of “metal”. With red flames around the eye holes and “BEWARE” scrawled across the back of the helmet in red, you know that this is a serious figure.

And as an overall review, I really don’t see any area where I felt underwhelmed. The seems in the head were smoothed over the best they could be without the head being one piece, the points of articulation move freely and easily. Even the coloring is crisp and distinct on the figure and none of the detail is really lost in the figure even if you are to look at it from afar.

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Now down to contest time: we know that someone may not have been able to score a figure (or are too cheap to buy one and knew someone was bound to give one away). In any situation, this is your lucky several days as we will be running this contest starting now until 8 pm EST on Sunday (May 27) where a lucky entry will be selected (at random) and sent the figure ($10 US shipping and $15 international). All you have to do is the follow @PobberToys & @UrbanVinylDaily via twitter

And then Tweet: “I am entered to win MAD’s newest figure – Dr. Morkenstein Pajama edition from @PobberToys @urbanvinyldaily. #POBUVD”.

Simple enough? Good Luck.



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