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In Collaboration with Dragatomi, Blamo has created these adorable mini resin characters affectionately known as “Dragatomi Hug”. This limited edition run of only 15 of Blamo’s popular Hug character features a brand new coat of blue paint thanks to Blamo’s own Mikie Graham who hand painted each of the tiny figures. Like all of Blamo’s products, each and every Dragatomi Hug is hand made and a truly one of a kind piece of art.

Available starting preview night Wed. July 11th,  Dragatomi Hug comes packaged in a bag / cardboard head card and will cost you only $25!

So make sure to stop by Dragatomi’s Booth #4935 early in the show to procure your new favorite little friend, Hug.

In addition Blamo plans on having a small selection of their unique brand art toys available all week long. From hand carved wooden Billy figures to new plush designs make sure to check out Dragatomi Booth #4935 for all of the newest Blamo goodies!

If you can’t make it to SDCC but are still interested in Blamo’s new characters, make sure to watch their website and Twitter feed.



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