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Celebrating the recent publication of Tanpopo with BOOM! Studios after a successful Kickstarter Launch, Camilla d’Errico opens her first Tanpopo Exhibition and Design Contest with Munky King Gallery this Saturday July 7th.

Tanpopo themed drawings, paintings, digital prints, and 3D Custom Vinyl Camilla d’Errico Kuro toys have been collected for exhibition. Judging by Camilla d’Errico and celebrity guest judge Linda Le commences July 1-July 7th.

Painter and Custom Toy artist Ardabus Rübber  contributes a new custom piece “An Unexpected Exodus”, a custom on Camilla’s DIY Kuro Platform, to Camilla and Munky King’s event.

Additional sculpting in resin, and painted in acrylics, “An Unexpected Exodus” custom Kuro will be on display at Munky King Gallery at reception July 7th.

Vinyl Kuro Toys including Classic Black and SDCC 2011 Edition Blueberry GID are available in extremely limited quantities from Inner Sanctum LLC.


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