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Dudebox and Attaboy are excited to announce the SDCC release of their latest 7.5″ figure. Punchy the Clown is a creepy flesh-eating entertainer who has been raised from the dead to perform tricks at children’s parties, where he is often found at the buffet table eating the guests. The bozo zombie comes armed with… his own severed arm! Punchy is a limited edition of 300.

Punchy will be unleashed on to an unsuspecting crowd at San Diego Comic Con on 12th July 2012 at the Hi-Fructose booth (4939). Attaboy will be on hand to sign Punchy and his fully illustrated artwork. Punchy then infects the rest of the world from Monday, 16th July 2012 at stockists worldwide. Pre-order available at the Dudebox online store from Monday 9th, July 2012.



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