Covering The Toy and Art World One Post at a Time



First up is a couple vinyl releases, featuring the new Bandaged Bruiser Pocket Mummy Boy by Brian Flynn and the Melted Rose Vampire by Josh Herbolsheimer. The Bandaged Bruiser Pocket Mummy Boy is cast in a black and blue marbled vinyl with a silver spray and red details. Our lil’ mascot will retail for $25 a piece. The Melted Rose Vampire features a purple and GID marbled vinyl (glows like a champ btw) with silver sprays with red, green and yellow details. Asking price for this classic Monster Family member will be $35.


From the other side of the collectors spectrum comes the second series of our Masters of the Universe Pint Glasses! Following our debut release of the first series from San Diego Comic-Con (Skeletor, Triklops, Merman and Beastman) comes our brave heroes from Eternia, He-Man, Man-E-Faces, Man-At-Arms and Teela. Each pint will retail $10 a piece or $40 for a full set.

All the items are available HERE.



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