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dll - inaction4

As the weekend nears for the newest Clutter Gallery show that opens this weekend, DLL Customs has 5 different figures that will be available.

“LE VOYAGE DANS LA LUNE” is an homage to the famous French film and its influence on the Smashing Pumpkins.  Features a glow in the dark, 3.75″ scale hand cast resin figure blistered on a 9.5″x7″ backerboard.  Edition of 4 pieces. $33 each, signed and numbered.

“What the weatherman forgot to tell you” is a sequel to last year’s “Stephanie Leigh Taylor Memorial Piece”.  Features a 3.75″ scale resin figure mounted to 7.5″x5″x2″ resin base. Piece is wall mountable and is a signed/numbered edition of 3. $66 each.

“The Heavens Above” is a follow up to “The Search For Something More”, featured at Designer Con 2015 via DKE Toys. Piece measures 9.5″x6.75″x5.25″ and features a wooden UV Light Box under the glow in the dark resin figure/base.  Switch on back, runs on 8 AA batteries (included).  Signed/numbered edition of 3.  $88 each.

“Fear and Loathing in a galaxy far, far away…. STRIKES BACK” is the second in this series of random Star Wars mash up bootlegs. 10.75″x5″x5″ solid hand cast figure on base. “Marbled” black, silver, and clear resin colorway topped with Monster Kolor gold and silver.  Signed/numbered edition of 3.  $99 each.

“We Can Rebuild Him, We Have The Technology!” is a 9.25″x7″x2.75″ solid cast main resin figure with 4.75″ tall accompanying resin figure.  Hand painted, signed/numbered edition of 3.  $100 each.



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