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In addition to the release of the Roadkill figure officially, there will be a custom show as well and the very new platform. A total of 16 artists together with twelveDot have come together to work on their own rendition of Roadkill. There will be up to 20 pieces of customs at the show. The artist, Twelvedot, will be present on opening night for the release of Roadkill, a 9 inch resin art sculpture. Other artists include 13 ART, Bk, World of Caramelaw, Chul Pan, EGG FIASCO, FLABSLAB, Iwa Takayuki, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Kumkum, Neon, Paulus Hyu, Quiccs, Umetoys, rxSE7EN, Slowwalker,  and Toni. Keep your eye on upcoming galleries as artists start to show their work in advance of the show.




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