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White Bucca Folklore series1 carded

The White Bucca or Pooka is a creature seen to be of good and bad fortune by ChompStomp. A shape changer the Bucca takes many forms of which the goblin or hobgoblin is one. It comes from Cornish folklore and inhabited mines and coastal communities. Seen as benevolent and may have its origins as a pagan god of the sea.

This figure, or totem is a very old and possibly made to gain some fortune or good will for the figures owner. Maybe it kept the Black Bucca at bay – a malevolent aspect of the spirit.

The White Bucca is a limited edition of 10 resin figures. Cold cast with bronze before being individually finished with paint and paint markers. Due to the finish each figure is unique and comes with a hand written curio card and will be numbered and signed on the base. A small pouch is also included, just in case its new owner wishes to placate the spirit of the Bucca. The Bucca is approx 2″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ and you can find it HERE.



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