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unnamed-38The Corey Helford Gallery is set to debut new works by Japanese artist Kazuki Takamatsu, Contemporary Pop Surrealist painter Camilla d’Errico and Japanese artist Hirabayashi Takahiro on Saturday, April 23 from 7-10pm, at the tastemaker gallery’s new expansive 12,000 square foot space on Anderson Street in downtown Los Angeles (571 South Anderson St.). The opening reception will feature music by one of CHG’s talented DJs and is open to the public.

On view through May 21, 2016, Kazuki returns for his third solo, titled “Decoration Armament,” in Gallery 1, Camilla’s “Dances With Dreams” exhibit in Gallery 2 marks her first solo at the gallery and Hirabayashi’s “Trail of Souls” exhibit in Gallery 3 will be his debut U.S. exhibition. Additionally, CHG will be hosting a special fan-dedicated book signing event with Camilla on Sunday, April 24 from 2-4pm.

Kazuki’s new collection will feature his signature beautiful depth map paintings read like misty x-rays of anime fantasies, mixing traditional and modern techniques. Always on a jet black background, these graphic spiritual essences leap off their surfaces, created in part with a 3D program, but painted by hand in a painstakingly detailed layering process. Each graduating spiral that emerges is perhaps a Shinto variant of Dante’s Inferno, the emotional age rings of Kazuki’s adolescent, ethereal figures. The abstract creative forces of nature are integral to Kazuki’s work. Kinetic energy rendered in gouache as hair, sound waves, and pools of water connect his compositions. In this way, Kazukidepicts the young people of Japanese society he believes are a generation lost in compliance with its elders.

If you happen to be in LA make sure puts event down in your calendar. You won’t want to pass up the chance to see this artist’s work in person!



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