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Towards the end of the month, Inner State Gallery will be taking down the Luke Chueh solo show and putting in its place two new gallery shows. The first is Rhythm Generation which features Detroit artist Ron Zakrin.  This latest body of work centers around the influence of technology on human behavior, creativity, and expression.  Pulling direct influence from his tenure as a seasoned painter, musician and producer, Zakrin’s latest collection moves viewers visually in the same way that the hypnotic sounds of electronic music move crowds of dancing bodies.


In addition to Zakrin’s solo exhibition this May, Detroit’s trendsetting Movement Electronic Music Festival partners with 1xRUN to bring Italian artist 2501 to Detroit for a full-fledged visual takeover of Hart Plaza during Movement’s 10th Anniversary. In addition, 2501 will showcase an entirely new body of work in a solo exhibition Processi Generativi at Inner State Gallery opening May 28th.



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