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Opening this weekend at the Little Labs Gallery is the group show “Mythology”. The show brings together talented artists to create a collection of unique and stylized portraits of mythical characters from around the world.
The show features works by: Adam Grason, Adam Rosette, Aron Jean Shay, BENOBI, Bobby Timony, Brook Wells, Eric Romano, Frank Svengsouk, Gabby Zapata, Gautam Dutta, Greg Gunn, Hayden Aube, Jaime Ugarte, Jisoo Kim, Joseph Wells, Kano, Lopezgrafico, Maggie Chiang, Mario Jacome, Melissa De Nobrega, Michele Svengsouk, Patrick Ian Moss, Razvan Vezeteu, Rich Ginter, Ruel Pascual, Stephanie Irigoyen, Stephen Chan, The Little Labs, and Toni Tysen.

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