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resinsFor her first ever resin run, One-Eyed Girl enlisted the help of Bill Hewitt (Lickyourelbow) to make several series of figures. The above at Korny Kandies, Smoochies, and sweet Juicies. There are limited to 10 for $35 each and stand 2″ tall.  The “Junkfood Friends” is a mini series of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure foods.  The gross, the greasy, the fatty. Corndoogy, Frenchie, and Pete Zah are just 3 of the 7 yums at the booth that range from $70 – 100 per piece. And lastly “Grubby Bubs” is a set of 3 Custom Figgle Bits/Thimblestump Hollow figures (by Spayd/Ryniak) and will be available for $65 per piece. These can all be found at booth #301 with Zard Apuya.



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