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From We Become Monsters, they have shown off what you can could come to expect from booth #822. You can peruse the photos but the gist is: 7″ The Hell fgiure is $75, Dimension Hopper is 5″ and $35, Bogboys are 3.75″ and $30, Necrolameicons are 2.5″ which are $20 and 3 made of each colorway. space Prison 1313 is 6.25″ tall and $50, Scrumsreeps are 9″x11″ and $20, Worm King is 7″x7″ for $25, Zitlord is 3.5″ for $30, Galaxy Frankenstein is 5″ and $25. Each figure comes with a pin.




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  1. Thanks! Button, not pin, I’m not fancy enough to make enamel pins myself and I don’t outsource much other than printing 😉 -webecomemonsters

    November 16, 2016 at 1:04 pm

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