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This weekend at the Woot Bear booth #1805 they will have a nice assortment of resin figures.  From Scott Wilkowski they will have the Wootkowski 3.25″ (Woot Bear Belly) comes 3 colorways (purple/orange, black/yellow, pink/green) which are an edition of 20 each at $70 a piece, a 5″ Skeleton – 6 black/white and 4 pink/blue, a Kamen Rider which are 10 one offs. Junko Minzuno will have a print which is 12″x18″ for $20 and an edition of 50 and will have a signing from 11am-2pm on Sunday. Also Kyle Kirwin will have a High Ridge Bloom High Ridge colorway of his Bitey Bloom. It’s 5.5″ limited to 5 pieces for $75. There will also be a High Ridge colorway of his Willo figure which is 11″ tall and is limited 5 pieces for $175. Peter Kato will have a kaleidoscope Candy Bunnie Box  which is edition of 15 for $25. There will also be a Peter Kato X Mariangela Tan (Plushpay) – Flower Bun Masked Bedtime Bunnies which is an edition of 5 for $120. Peter will also have a signing at the booth Saturday from 11am-12pm. Lastly, Coyotes Den Collectable will have a hand print Native American dunny blindbox which was an edition of 10 for $60.



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