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Now that DCON is over, We Are Not Toys has a few of the pieces available for those not able to attend DCON. The JC Rivera 7.75″ solid resin figure, FML! is currently available in the Bear Champ golden brown colorway as an edition of 30. Mike Graves’ Moe is a 4 1/2” half roto-casted, half solid, hand painted resin version of Graves’ mural characters come to life. The Caped Crusader color version is limited to 30 figures, with another smaller color run of 20 to be released by Mike Graves himself down the line. The 6” Mike Fudge hand painted solid resin figure comes in this Brick Red color edition which will be limited to 40 pieces.  Word on the street is an even smaller limited run color version will be available through the artist himself relatively soon. The 4.75″ Riser Snailveilance comes in 3 colors with a very limited 12 pieces of each. All the figures and more can be found HERE.



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