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lunafigOk Luna fans, we are excited to share that the retailer exclusive Blue edition of Luna is now available! This edition of the 6.5″ tall vinyl figure is limited to just 200 pieces world wide and can only be purchased from the fine retailers who push the things we call designer toys. The retail price is $60 each and can be picked up from your favorite store. Below are the ones we have seen carrying her so far, click the store name to purchase or stop in if you are in the area for the brick n mortars.

MyPlasticHeart – New York (Brick n Mortar & Online Retailer)

Tenacious Toys – New York (Online Retailer)

Rotofugi – Chicago (Brick n Mortar & Online Retailer)

Strange Cat Toys – Florida (Online Retailer)

MotherShip Gallery– Philadelphia (Brick n Mortar)

Collect and Display – United Kingdom (Online Retailer)

Tainted Visions – (Online Retailer)

Don’t see your favorite store? Tell them to get Luna! For more info have them email us HERE.

We hope you grab one of these for your collection!



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