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Dave Bondi announces his latest series for Clutter Gallery’s  (In) Action Figures 5 group show, Feb 11th – March 3rd, 2017.

In this edition, Bondi has modified the McDonalds cup toppers that were made during the original release of Star Wars Episode 1 in 1999. The figures take obvious racial stereotypes from the movie and add some enhancements for effect. This snarky re-interpretation isn’t simply a clever joke for Bondi who posted, “In this latest “mesooffensive” series, I’m taking characters from Star Wars Episode 1 and enhancing the already implied racist stereotypes. This isn’t a slam on geeks or a clever attempt to point out how stupid people are – I love Star Wars. Because of that, it was really disappointing to see the storytellers fall into such lazy, manipulative, and simple metaphors. I don’t think it is censorship to ask them to try and be more sophisticated. Like it or not, movies are the arbiters of cultural norms and should be held to a high standard. So this is a call out to artists everywhere to be better and work harder than that. Make things beautiful.”

The figures come in an extremely limited edition of 4 each. They are solid cast resin with vintage McDonalds cups and flexible white foam on a clear base. Available Feb 11th for $270 each HERE.



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