Covering The Toy and Art World One Post at a Time



This year during SxSW Mondo will have an exhibition that will feature over 100 pieces of one-of-a-kind, original artwork at a fixed $200 price point from an amazing lineup of artists. The two day show will kick off with a reception open to the public, on Friday, March 17 from 7pm to 10pm and will be on display through Saturday, March 18.

The artists included are: Matthew Adis, Esao Andrews, Antiquated Press, Jeremy Bastian, Richey Beckett, Florian Bertmer, Dan Black, Kevin Boettcher, Boneface, Sam Bosma, Frans Boukas, Stephanie Brown, Jonathan Burton, Scott C, Ben Chlapek, Becky Cloonan, Rhys Cooper, Daniel Danger, Sonny Day, Bobby Dixon, Jackson Dryden, Ryan Duggan, Amy Earles, Jason Edmiston, Elvisdead, Ferg, Vanessa Foley,
Ken Garduno, Godmachine, Julia Green, Nicole Gustafsson, JJ Harrison, Brandon Holt, Aaron Horkey, Sterling Hundley, Jeremy Hush, Rob Jones, Kilas, Alex Kirzhner, Rory Kurtz, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Yosiell Lorenzo, Tula Lotay, Zeb Love, Nimit Malavia, Dan McCarthy, Eric Nyffeler, Randy Ortiz, Gary Pullin, JC Richard, Jermaine Rogers, Arik Roper, Jay Ryan, Justin Santora, Scarecrowoven, Jessica Seamans, Michael Skattum, Mike Sutfin, Ken Taylor, Kevin Tong, Miles Tsang, Jacob Van Loon, John Vogl, Von, David Welker, Mishka Westell, Tom Whalen, Teagan White, Erica Williams, NC Winters, Sam Wolfe Connelly, and Matthew Woodson.



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