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SDCC is a matter of days away and Jermaine Rogers showed off some of the high points of things that will be available at his booth. He showed off the non-print related ones like a new color of Creeping figure, 2 new Dero #72, and more. We noticed that the edition sizes generally grew to maybe accommodate more fans getting figures. The Creeping GID green figure is limited to 50 which is almost a double increase in volume. The Skinned Dero #72 is limited to 125 and the Shadow is limited to 300 which make them more attainable. The Dero East is limited to 500 which features a new hand orientation and should satisfy a lot of people looking for it. The pins will be strong demand as well as the Candyman carded figures made by Good For You Toys. Be sure to check out his booth #4532 each day since he’ll be releasing bits of each run each day. And for those that have been following Jermaine for a while, it looks like the Believe figure will finally get the resin treatment after 10 years of being a prototype.



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