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IMG_1043Up for review today is one of the latest offerings from our friends at CrazyLabel and artist Bubi Au Yeung. Ren 2, as the title suggests, is the second rendition of Ren as a 5″ figure that has been released. This time the popular Treeson character comes dressed in a black and white striped shirt, shorts, and comes with his own laptop. The set also features removable glasses and a 1-inch GhostB figure that accompanies Ren on his journeys.


This figure is on par with all other products that we have seen in the Treeson lines from CrazyLabel. While the sculpt on this figure is fairly simple in most places on both figures the detailing on Ren’s hair turned out awesome. I also love the fact the laptop is made of metal just like the laptops that it represents and features great details such as the keys and track pad. The paint on both figures is very clean and crisp and it is an all around well made figure.

For all you Treeson collectors out there, this piece is ready to move right onto your shelf! If you are new to the world of Treeson this cute little set is great place to start your addiction. If you would like to add one of these guys to your collections I would suggest trying your local toy shop or you can order online from a fine retailer such as Dragatomi for just $40.



44894_10151355788958745_1814519808_nCrazyLabel just released the above image of their latest figure ‘Tippy’. This figure, designed by UK based artist Felt Mistress, stands 6″s tall and enjoys traveling the world and recruiting new members. His likes include the color orange, tying his own shoelaces, the music of Polysics, and chocolate eclairs. He can often be found socialising with his crew – Pedro the Squirrel, Grayson the Horse and Mr Neville (the newsagent). If you would like to add a Tippy to your collection you can pick one up HERE for $40.



Netherlands artist Philipp Jordan brings his 2007 “1000 Teddies” installation to life with this 8″ vinyl figure. The show featured 1000 paintings in various sizes of the simple and iconic teddy bear. One of my favorite parts of this figure is that it looks exactly like it came out of one of the paintings from the show. Jordan and Crazylabel did an amazing job of taking his 2D art and turning it into an art toy. Below is an overview that Jordan gave about the show,

“One thousand teddy bears, the way we recall them as innocent friends and childhood companions, allow us a glance at their soul while they look deep down inside of us. The teddy bears automatically make the viewer part of the installation by willingly placing him on stage. However, the teddy bears’ gaze does not convey a clear message, it simply fixates the object. Being the focus of a thousand sets of eyes, the viewer descends into self-reflection. And even though social conventions deem it inappropriate to stare at others, these teddy bears break this taboo. Thus the emotion is not restricted to a two-dimensional medium but transcends space in the dialog between observer and image.”

The figure itself is well made (although there aren’t a lot of places for errors) and is very interesting. The figure has something about it that kind of pulls you in once you really start to look at it. I’m not sure if it is in his eyes or in his subtle lean but, he definitely has something about him. I feel that this figure is a translates Jordan’s art perfectly since the 1000 Teddies show was designed to pull the viewer in and cause self reflection as well.

This figure has one point of articulation at the head and its unique feature is its lean. It’s almost if he it leaning forward at you and slightly to the side, waiting for you to say something to him. The figures body also features some unique texture almost like it is made from some sort of textile as a teddy bear would be.

Philipp Jordan and Crazylabel did an awesome job of bringing Jordan’s art to the toy world. If you are a fan of Jordan’s work I would highly suggest you pick up this figure. But, I do want to point out that at $75 and with an edition of 400 I do feel it is going to be hard to convince someone who just likes the figure or a brand new Jordan fan to buy it. Yes, it is a great figure and interesting art toy but there is not a lot to this figure for someone not connected to the art.

I personally really like this figure. The fact that it is a great example of Jordan’s work and that Crazylabel did a great QC and production job on it makes it a great figure. I also feel that no Philipp Jordan collection would be complete with out this figure sitting right in the middle of it. But, for non Jordan fans I could see where the price might get in the way of purchasing this simple figure.

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If you would like to pick up your own ‘1000 Teddies’ figure Click HERE



August 8th, 2011 is the 6th birthday of Treeson. In collaboration with Kusso from China(blue), Mintyfresh from the Netherlands(black), myplasticheart from USA(grey) and Playlounge from UK(yellow), will be releasing a special store exclusive box set of 3″ Baby Treeson in 4 colorways. Each colorway is limited 300 pcs only. Estimated retail price USD 20/box (or €17.50 in Europe and RMB 135 in China).



Make sure to check out our latest interview in our Feature of The Month series. This time we sat down with Bubi Au Yeung, the creator of the lovable Treeson characters and a wonderful artist.

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To help set off the holiday occasion, Bubi au Yeung on behalf of Treeson sent out an e-mail to wish everyone a happy holiday, so I thought I would extend it to you. Also, this serves as a hint that Treeson Series 2 will be out soon, so be sure to check our webstore and be on the look out for treesons and new additions.




Bubi Au Yeung’s Treeson and Other Stores Series 2 by Crazylabel is all set and ready to join your collections! They are available now for pre-order HERE in single blind boxes $7.95 or in a case $59.95. The case of 8 blind boxes will get you all 7 figures +1 random duplicate or even the 1:128 mystery figure! They hope to ship in late December, early January.