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UVD: Let me start out by saying that this bust looks like it turned out great! The sculpt details look like they transferred great to the final product.

Kozik: Thanks! I have to give all due credit to Brin Berliner, sculptor extraordinaire for being able to reproduce my sad collages and vague ideas into solid wax.

UVD: The ‘Gipper’ bust clearly has its roots in the 80’s punk rock scene. Between the box and the bust itself I almost feel like America finally has its own version of the famous Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save the Queen’ image. Was that the kind of the intent or am I just starting to put my own thoughts into your work?

Kozik: Exactly. I am a big fan of Reagan , and really miss him…he was the perfect reason for us to have our pathetic punk rock movement back in the 80’s…and I consider him the last ‘real’ American President! Nothing we like would have been possible without him! I mean can you imagine saying ‘Fuck Carter!!!!.  heh.

UVD: Is there a specific reason that the word in front of the eyes is Destory? Or is that supposed to be left up to the viewer to decide the meaning?

Kozik: Destroy to me means mindless nihilism, and Reagan was sort of full of that behind the rhetoric. guy moved through time and space without really making contact…leaving a destructive quantum wake behind him.

UVD: How many colorways can we expect of the ‘Gipper’? And is there a standard retailer edition this round or are they all store exclusives?

Kozik: I have a silver color way, and there will be 1 or 2 others sold to whoever…certain stores and groups have colors….DKE knows whom.

UVD: Can we expect all the colorways to release in 2012?

Kozik: Yes

UVD: Are there any other Ultraviolence releases we should be watching out for this year?

Kozik: [There are a] few things in the works, large and small..its all super secret squirrel shit until I decide it’s not!

To pick up your own ‘Gipper’ bust visit the stores below

Kozik’s Online Store: Sliver Edition

3DRetro: Gold Edition

Munky King: Copper Edition

Rotofugi: Red Edition

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